Member Bios

Gary Beck Linda Lavoie
Tommy Bolton George Ligos
Arthur S. Boyle Dennis D. Mooney
Paul A. Denis Gene Pasaahow
Francis Fred Gamez Awtrey Peace
Luther W. Goehring Robert M. Pelletier
Deborah Ann Hampton Homer C. Ray
Russell T. Henderson George P. Ripple
David C. Hooper William Sargeant
Russ  Johnson Hal Seitz

Only members will have access to purchase a roster of the association members.

The roster contains all present members in good standing, all past members (Lest we never forget) and also members that we have lost contact with, bad addresses.  We hope that someone will know them and we can reconnect.

Please click the "Add to Cart" PayPal button shown below to purchase a roster online.

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Or you may mail $14.50 ($10 for the roster $4.50 for pkg and shipping) to the Membership Chairman.


Paul Denis
8185 Chianti Circle
Clay, NY  13041